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The complex “Dame di Toscana – Residenze con vista” is situated at only 10 kilometers from Florence, just outside the ancient medieval settlement of Lastra a Signa.  This newly-built facility is made up of five apartments, all different from each other and constructed according to bio-architectural principles and finely decorated with a touch of modern design.  The building materials are all ecological:  natural oak for the parquet floors, travertine marble from Rapolano and Tivoli for the bathroom walls, terraces and outside paths, ash wood for the furniture.  Special attention is reserved to the rest of our guests:  the beds, measuring 180x200 meters, are all in hardwood with slats beneath the mattresses, which are in natural rubber and covered with 100% percale cotton sheets. To make your stay even more pleasant, there is a garden filled with abundant aromatic plants as well as a hanging garden on the top floor with a Jacuzzi and a breath-taking view of the surrounding countryside.  Each apartment is dedicated to one of the Medici women, the influential “dames” of the powerful family that ruled Florence from the fifteenth to the eighteenth centuries. You can admire each of these women’s portraits hanging in their respective apartment:  contemporary reinterpretations of the ancient paintings, made exclusively for this facility.  Here, in this corner of Tuscany yet to be discovered, you will be able to breathe in the beauty of the noble land of the Medici while enjoying all the comforts of your own home in a modern and pleasurable environment.



The laundry room
There is a convenient private laundry room for guests, with a washing machine and dryer.  

The living room
The spacious living room on the ground floor represents the communal area of the facility.  Guests can share a comfortable sofa, and enjoy books in various languages, design and architecture magazines and a spectacular “natural” painting framing the Calcinaia hill by just looking out the window.

Private parking lot
The facility includes a private parking area with 8 parking spaces. If interested, one just needs to request a space while reserving a room or checking in.

The garden
In every tuscan landscape deserving of its name there is a cypress.  Here, in the garden surrounding the facility, you will find eight of them, together with laurel, rosemary, lavender, osmanthus and pomegranate bushes. Three holm oaks extend their leafy branches over the lawn to offer ample shade. The benches, the water gushing out of the fountain, the intense smell of the climbing jasmine, and the myriad colours of the roses all make up an olfactory and chromatic panoply that is infinitely varied.  You'll find it a haven for your senses and a way to be regenerated and find new inspiration.

Luggage deposit
Guests can deposit their luggage before and after departure.

Free wi-fi in every apartment and in communal spaces.





The hanging garden

Guests can enjoy a hanging garden on the second floor of the facility, featuring a Jacuzzi, a teak floor and lounge chairs. Here one can pass moments of true relaxation every moment of the day, whether one wants to admire the sun rising over the hill of Calcinaia or sip a cocktail at dusk.  If interested it is advisable to make a request when reserving.

Customers can reserve it for a fee, in the following times:

Morning: 9AM - 2PM

Afternoon: 4PM- 10PM


Guided tours

- Art and museums. If you are interested in visiting Florence in the company of a Licensed Tour Guide you just need to inform us.  Fees are to be discussed directly with the guide. Tours available in Italian and English.

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