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Terme di Saturnia

This is an ancient complex of hot springs situated in the Comune di Marciano, in the province of Grosseto. The waterfalls of sulfurous water and the many natural pools are perfect to relax in by day but, even better, in the moonlight. The legend goes that the thermal baths of Saturnia, also known by the Etruscans and the Romans, originated in the spot where a lightning bolt sent by Jupiter against Saturn, after a violent fight between the two deities, missed the target and hit the ground instead.

Bagno Vignoni

Bagno Vignoni is a beautiful medieval town in the province of Siena.  It is particularly famous for its square, consisting of a huge sixteenth-century thermal bathing pool.  The town is on a volcanic fault which starting in medieval times turned Bagno Vignoni into an important destination for rural tourism. The system of small waterfalls which make water flow from the top of the fault to the underlying valley, where it fills natural pools with water of a crystal-clear turquoise colour, is truly spectacular.


The thermal baths of Petriolo, in the area of the Comune di Monticiano (Siena), are mentioned by Cicero himself in an epigraph.  They are on the banks of the creek, Farma, that flows into the river, Merse: the first stoneworked thermal establishment goes back as far as the fifteenth century.  The baths are located in an inlet of the creek and are characterized by the temperature of the water, rich in sulfurous hydrogen, of 43°.

San Casciano dei Bagni

In the Sienese "comune" of San Casciano dei Bagni there is a vast variety of hot springs, up to 42, that make this thermal establishment the third in Europe as to the quantity of the waters.  Known since the times of the Roman Empire, they were one of the favourite destinations of the emperor Ottaviano Augustus.  The surrounding area of this small but enchanting town offers the possibility of enjoying private thermal establishments, but there are also many public baths hidden in the thickets nearby. PLEASE NOTE: before heading towards the public baths of San Casciano, we recommend you make sure, by accessing the appropriate  websites.

Chianciano Terme

At the Chianciano baths in the green thermal parks of Fucoli and Acqua Santa, flow waters that are beneficial for curing liver and  gastrointestinal problems.  Appointments for those who are interested in a diagnostic workup, to evaluate the health condition of one’s liver, can be made by calling the number 848800243; exams by the Thermal Health Department take only one hour.  At the Sillene baths the Center for rehabilitation and physiokinetic therapy are likewise available, also in water, coordinated by specialists in collaboration with experts in rehabilitation.

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